Sell Without Stress & 
Find the RIGHT Clients

Streamline your sales and marketing, giving you more time back in your day! Spend less time with busywork & close higher ticket deals through clever (not expensive) marketing & automation.

Think Angie’s List or Home Advisor… except you don’t pay for leads and it’s Your services, your costs, your leads.

Take back your free time

Sinapi is your automated sales team

Prequalifying leads that want to work with you… right from your website.


Answering the #1 Question your customers are really asking:

“What will it cost me?”

With Sinapi you can build a straightforward “Get A Quote” button right on your website with YOUR SERVICES and YOUR PRICES. Giving them a reason to connect, without taking any time from your busy day. 

By building trust with a FULLY automated system, you can keep your head down making money while our system brings you ideal customers with budget.

Know the cusomer's visiting your website

Get detailed descriptions of their needs

Build trust and transparency

Less work for you to do


Your leads are simply given estimated price ranges based on their feedback. This gives you the flexibility to adjust costs and set expectations before ever signing anything.

The best part… you can weed out leads who do not have budget and tire-kickers who will waste your time.  

Let’s use contractors as an example
These guys make $BILLIONS of dollars off you…

By giving cost estimates to your customers!

Sinapi Integrates with your favorite apps

... and a whole lot more

Check out this sample for a home exterior company


Even more examples for you to review

We built these pages so you can get a good idea how you can use Sinapi to grow your deals

Sinapi solves two major problems

“I want my website to do the heavy-lifting and generate more, qualified leads”

Well, give customer’s a reason to convert!

Your customers show up for two reasons.

  1. First, they want to know if you provide what they are looking for.
  2. Do you provide it within their price range.  

Sinapi gives them what they want and our sister company The Digital MC can help you build the website that compels visitors to decide that you are the best choice. If your website is compelling, but your potential clients aren’t converting, it’s often because they want a clear quote/estimate before moving onto your competitor.

“I'm backed up with work and need to find better, high ticket clients in order to grow”

Great! Start pre-qualifying high-ticket leads!

You’ve got work coming out of your ears, that’s awesome!

Now imagine if you had a specific list of ideal clients that were prequalified through cost estimates. Putting the power in your hands, allows you to choose the ideal customers to maximize your time and profits.

Save time and work with the customer’s that you want to work with! 



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simple… we you help set up a quick and easy Sinapi form that you can put right on your site. The questions and costs associated with the form are built from YOUR prices and YOUR services so every Sinapi quote is powered by you.

But I already have a "Get A Quote" button?

With a traditional “Get A Quote” button the lead is sent to a page to fill out a basic form, and they know they won’t hear from you for a while. This encourages them to leave your site and find someone else who can answer their question.

Instead, capture the lead by giving them what they actually want… an estimate! Then you can decide how and when you interact with them. There is no commitment as you can specify cost ranges and introduce variability as needed.

Is there a lot of complicated code?

Nope! Not only do we help you get set up, but there is no coding involved! With Sinapi, you can create and customize your form to be exactly what you need and what your customers want. 

Can you help me set it up?

Of course! We will do all the heavy-lifting and we’ll be with you every step of the way from gathering the information that we need from you (easy) to how to use it (super-easy).

Let’s clarify one thing!

Sinapi is for gathering and qualifying leadsnot sending invoices. So don’t worry, estimating from your website is simply giving you a larger and more qualified sales funnel to engage with.

We can customize your estimating process

make it as general or as specific as you need it to be.

We do all the hard work!

If you need perfect quotes down to the penny...

and if your costs are predictable, that’s awesome! You can easily add a price for each service as an exact dollar amount which provides your customer with an accurate and dependable quote.

Maybe your estimates need to be a rough guess...

Many jobs often require a variety of variables that you simply can’t predict until you’ve visited the jobsite or talked to the customer. No worries! Set the expectations so the custom is clear this is only an estimate.

Either way, you get a qualified lead!

The beauty of this system is your quotes and your leads are uniquely yours.

No matter how precise your estimate for service, you’ll have a highly qualified lead containing details about who they are and what they need. From there, you can follow up with each lead individually and give proper attention to the high-ticket opportunities. This way you’re investing your time in a way that can promote your business as you see fit.

Built for you









“… But my work is too difficult to provide quotes, I need to visit the job first.”

NO PROBLEM – We hear you!

Sinapi make cost estimates easy for every business. Pricing can be as specific or as general as needed, even including a range of costs. You do not need to give perfect estimates online, you simply need to give your website vistors a good reason to reach out, so you actually get the opportunity to earn their business before they leave your website, finding someone else.  

Regardless of how specific you can get your estimate, you still get:

  • A new lead & their contact information
  • A $$$ value for the lead
  • Details about their needs and requirements
  • Their level of interest
  • Your time back by avoiding jobs that will never close

Remember – The goal is to provide answers to your client’s questions and built trust with them along the way!

Marketing Tips and Strategy

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