Close More Deals &
Spend Less Time!

Replace the old “Get a Quote” button on your website with one that actually works! Giving instant cost estimates has never been easier (with no fear of misquoting) and is exactly what your customer is looking for.

Your services, your costs, your leads.

Sinapi is your automated sales team

Pre-qualifying your leads, giving your a long list of customers ready to close.


Answering the #1 Question your customers are really asking:

“What will it cost me?”

With Sinapi you can build a straight-forward “Get A Quote” button right on your website with YOUR SERVICES and YOUR PRICES, giving potential customers what they want so in return they are happy to give you their information. Since it’s your services and your costs, no two forms are the same.

Provide helpful price estimates WITH NO COMMITMENT instantly to your customers, growing leads from your site and building trust. Now by knowing exactly who the customers are that visit your site, along with the services they need and their level of interest – you can go close the deal! 

No need anymore to waste time on customers who don’t have budget or interest in working together!

Sinapi Integrates with your favorite apps

... and a whole lot more

Automate cost estimates right from your website

Let’s get started and start bringing better ROI to your digital marketing and SEO campaigns!

How Sinapi works

The process from quote to close has never been so easy. Lead generation for your business... automated.

Sinapi solves two major problems

“I want more leads generated from my website”

Well, give them a reason to convert!

Your visitors show up for one reason, to understand what you do and to understand the cost range they should expect. Well, it’s time to answer that question rather explicitly. Giving them a clear and immediate cost estimate provides your customer a good reason not to close your website and move on to your competitor.

“I’m backed up with work and need to scale”

 Great! Start qualifying high-ticket leads!

I get it, you’ve got work coming out your ears, that’s awesome! Now, imagine if you had a long list of leads, all pre-qualified with cost estimates. From this position, you can choose high-ticket customers to maximize your time-to-dollar ratio! They've all been quoted and you already know if they are interested - so go close the BIG ACCOUNTS!

Quoting your leads has never been easier...


At his point, all you need to consider is how you will estimate costs for your services. It's easy build the form that will serve as a cost estimator to your customers. There is no code! You can make your estimation tool as simple or detailed as you want. All that is needed is to drag and drop your desired services (as questions) into the form, assign each a dollar amount and you're done! This form will act as a cost calculator for your leads. 

No code or fancy tech skills needed! 

Dynamic questions that show/hide based on the customer's responses

Add one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly costs to your estimate

Quote leads by square foot or other surface area measurements for complex estimates.

Prices can be fixed OR adjust the cost of other questions to give precise and detailed quotes.


Once you've configured your estimating tool, you're now ready to start quoting. Going live on your website is as easy as copy and paste! Sinapi will simply give you a snippet of code that you add to your website. Once that code is on your website, Sinapi takes care of the rest. Your calculator will show up live on your site and start quoting your leads immedately. Start converting those digital marketing efforts to leads and get real value out of your SEO, social and paid ad campaigns. 

Works with all website builders including WIX, SquareSpace or WordPress.

Add a button to your website that opens the quote in a pop-up or embed the calculator directly on your site

Looks great on computers and mobile phones.


Once your cost estimator is live on your site, it's time to sit back, relax and watch the leads come in. All quotes are tracked with a variety of actionable metrics to boost your sales teams performace including contact info, service needs, lead value and whether or not they are interested in working with you. 

At this point Sinapi is your automated sales team!  

Track leads over day, week, month or year.

All lead data is easily searchable and filterable to find the best quotes you want to followup with.

Export the lead data so you can add it to your other sales systems or into your CRM

Connects to all major CRM platforms like HubSpot, SalesForce and Zoho

Ready to grow your website leads

Let’s get started and start bringing better ROI to your digital marketing and SEO campaigns!

Which service companies will benefit from providing cost estimates to their leads?

... well pretty much any service business that could use more leads or highly qualified leads. Digital marketing can be tough, but we know cost estimates are what your customers are looking for, so give them a quote and start the conversation! 

Contractors • Electricians • Plumbers • General Contractors • Commercial Development

Consultants • Coaches • Professional Development

Pet Care • Dog Walkers • Pet Grooming • Animal Boarding

Logistics • Delivery • Trucking • Warehouse Management

Woodworking • Cabinet Making • Trim • Hardwood Floors • Carpet • Painter/Painting

Video & Media • Multimedia • Motion Graphics • Video Editing

IT Services • LAN Setup • Phone services • Internet • SASS • Software Development

Digital Marketing • SEO • PPC • SEM • Copywriting • Web Development

Catering • Baking • Food Service • Delivery •

... And Many More