Guide To CPQ Software

Guide To CPQ Software & How It Will Revolutionize Your Business

CPQ software has become a necessary part of any business’s success. It allows companies to optimize their sales quotes by determining the cost of the product being sold. CPQ solutions are used in creating or updating price quotes, configuring products for quoting, creating product catalogs, managing customers and pricing policies, preparing proposals and RFPs, generating bills of materials for products, and tracking inventory levels and costs.

What Is CPQ Software?

CPQ, or Configure Price Quote software, is a quoting tool that enables companies to define the price of goods across a wide and continually changing spectrum of variables. These variables are aggregated by the CPQ software, allowing businesses to configure services or products in an optimal way. They can be priced in accordance with other factors such as competition, cost etc, and be presented as quotes to a customer at the best possible price.

Why Use CPQ Software?

CPQ software can significantly increase your company’s profitability by reducing time spent on quoting clients. CPQ estimation tool helps you create professional-looking quotes that are compliant with all payment terms and conditions because all relevant information is already integrated into one platform.

Key Business Advantages Of CPQ Solutions For Your Business’s Successful Future

  • Faster quote generation with added efficiency
  • Matching capacity and demand
  • Reduced costs and faster movement from quote to cash
  • Improved accuracy and zero errors

Why Sinapi Should Be Your Top Choice For CPQ Software

At Sinapi, we bring you one of the best CPQ software tools for providing rough estimates for your services directly from your website. 

Sinapi’s versatile and intuitive automated quote tool enables you to build a straightforward “Get A Quote” button that works at generating mountains of leads you can choose from. With Sinapi’s online quoting software, you can grow your digital audience extensively and convert website traffic to deals.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, Sinapi saves you time and makes you money by providing exactly what the customer wants when going to your website… a quote. 

Done right, CPQ solutions software can help you eliminate typically occurring risks and bottlenecks in more traditional quoting, and pave the way for increased profits and greater sales revenue for your business.