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How AI And Machine Learning Are Changing Sales Automation

Sales automation is a process where software automates the process of managing sales work and customer relationships. Sales automation has been a huge topic in recent years because it has been able to help companies reduce costs and increase revenue with tools like quoting software and estimate calculators. And now, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it has become smarter and more powerful than ever before.

Why Do You Need AI & ML In Sales?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales automation can be used to automate repetitive or routine aspects of sales work such as lead qualification, job estimates or email follow-ups. They can also be used for more complex tasks like analyzing data, generating insights or predicting future trends. A Harvard Business Review survey found that 30% of early AI adopters have increased revenue significantly and are 3.5 times more likely to expect notable profit-margin growth.

Benefits Of AI & ML In Sales Automation

1. Performance & Productivity Enhancement

Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a major role in automating and improving mundane tasks in the sales process that distract you from higher-value undertakings.
An adept AI tool can support multiple tasks including scheduling meetings, creating job estimates, managing calendars and assessing a sales team’s pipeline by automatically doing these tasks or making them markedly easier by using historical usage data. The risk of human error is also reduced drastically with the involvement of AI and ML.

2. Lead Qualification

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales can rank and highlight the most probable prospects for the company. AI can rapidly scan large datasets from multiple sources and inform you which leads you should prioritize, based on the scores the AI has given them. It can also offer the information needed to follow up with them. Leads grow because AI enables you to approach particular and targeted leads.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can take over time-consuming responsibilities such as connecting with leads, certifying, following up, and maintaining connections, while giving quicker results.

3. Improves Forecasting Accuracy

Estimation of quarterly sales figures is an important part of a sales organization as it affects all aspects of performance, payroll, and hiring. Artificial intelligence assists sales managers in forecasting revenue for the following quarter with greater accuracy.
Additionally, a single false projection may cause a company’s credibility to suffer. Using AI and ML substantially reduces the risk of such erroneous projections.

4. Significant Drop in Costs

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow you to automate various low-level sales activities through tools like automated bidding or construction estimating software. As a result, you cut down on the cost of running these activities, as the tools are doing most of the work for you. This allows you to spend time and energy on making more significant profits.

5. Expert Recommendation & Best Practices

Artificial intelligence and machine learning assist sales firms by performing deep dives into the techniques, methodologies, and time management methods of their best sales reps as well as their lower-performing people for comparability. Alongside prediction and prioritizing, some AI technologies may actively advocate focused sales activities, apprising teams about which actions have the most impact based on sales targets and data analysis.

The bottom line is that Artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales automation can relieve your sales team of the burden of routine tasks, which become mindless and resource-draining over time. Freed by these automation tools, Sales and Marketing teams are unleashed to be more creative, more productive and, ultimately, more successful.

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