Can Sinapi Grow Your Business?

Well that answer is simple, can you answer “yes” to any of the following questions?


Do you offer a service to your customers?


Do you have a website or Facebook page?


Do customers shop your industry for pricing?

Let’s take a look at a couple industries we serve

Painting Professional

If you are an exterior or interior painter, then you know that jobs have a decent level of consistency, but depending on the height of the wall, material you are painting over, damage or wallpaper removal there are several things that can adjust the price and length of the project.

How you win…

Sinapi can help you predict those tough jobs by getting detailed feedback from the customer ahead of time, as well as providing them a range of costs so you can be sure there is no sticker shock from their side of the coin.

Digital Marketer

There is such an array of services that the digital marketer can offer, but the good news is these prices can be standardized. Although, we fully understand that websites can easily get blown out of scope or there can be 1000 revisions to that new logo design because the client thinks “it’s just not what I had in mind”…

How you win…

Most digital marketing projects have an up-front cost and a monthly retainer. You can present both costs so running Facebook ads would display a one-time and repeating cost (and all of these could have ranges as well). You could bid out webpages by # of pages, copy writing, revisions, image creation and so on. It’s easy to make sure your estimates are close by the time you get on the call. 


Your job is either infinitely complicated, or dead simple. Admittedly it can be hard for the customer to know the difference.

By asking the right questions, you can get a good handle right from the customer concerning what might be required to complete the job.

How you win…

The best part is you can filter your requests and focus on the big jobs that make you the most money. Home additions, new electrical panel, adding a hot-tub or air conditioner. Not only are these costs a bit more predictable, but with a list of preferred jobs sitting in your account, you pick where you give your attention.

General Contractor

Look, I know it’s hard for you to bid jobs. There are 10,000 variables you need to consider. The idea of being able to quote any large project from your website would be tough, but there is some awesome application for Sinapi that can provide real results. 

How you win… 

The customers looking for a GC often have big jobs on their mind and navigating to your website or calling your phone is one of their first steps. They will have no idea where to start when it comes to budgeting a new living room, pouring a driveway, building a back deck or some other large project. By giving them a ballpark figure (with large cost ranges), you save yourself the time of driving to their jobsite only to learn they don’t have any budget. And as bonus, you know who’s looking to add 500sq ft to their house!

Coaches / Consultants

You can help people orient themselves or their businesses in the right direction. It takes that personal touch to get them where they need to go. We know it’s never “one and done”, each client takes attention. You may even run some type of clinic, mastermind, coaching system or other membership-based model to grow consistent clientele.

How you win…

If someone is looking for a business coach, then they have a budget ready and know they need the support. Their question is going to be cost & efficacy of your offering. If your website can answer both questions, you should end up with a list of hungry go-getters looking to partner with the right team to get their business off the ground. Don’t let them leave your website without letting you know they stopped by.

Plumber / Pipefitter

There are a lot of routine plumbing jobs that people need help with on a regular basis. Anywhere from a leaky faucet, clogged drain or running a water line. The obvious problem with plumbing is much of the work is behind a wall, so access often determines the level of effort. 

How you win…

By getting a backlog of simple jobs you will be able to sort them by priority and make sure your trucks always have a stop in the area they are already working in. At the same time, you can have a backlog of hot water heaters, tankless heaters, water filtration systems and other standardized jobs flowing in from your website to keep cash-flow incredibly positive!

How does Sinapi figure out prices?

Sinapi uses YOUR PRICES, not some industry standard or pre-defined criteria.

You set the prices, we help build the form, and you get an incredible marketing opportunity to start driving leads. Each form is uniquely yours!


"No one knows your business like you do. Personalization is key to a successful quote"

Mark Campbell, Sinapi Founder

“… But my work is too difficult to provide quotes, I need to visit the job first.”

NO PROBLEM – We hear you!

Sinapi’s automated quote tool makes the typical CPQ (Configure Price Quote) easy for every business. Pricing can be as specific or as general as needed, even including a range of costs. The goal is to get the lead.

Regardless of how specific your quote was, you still get:

  • A new lead & their contact information
  • A $$$ value for the lead
  • Details about their needs and requirements
  • Their level of interest

Remember – The goal is to get the lead!

And the list goes on and on and on…

Providing CPQ systems (Configure, Price, Quote) for the working class.

Investment Coaches

Pressure Washing

Pet Care / Dog Walking



Video Editors & Motion Graphics

IT Services

Photographers & Wedding Planners


... And Many More

Let’s start the journey